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Architectural and Aerial Photography


-> Architectural photographs
-> Construction site photographs
-> Drone photographs
-> Aerial photographs by plane
-> Photographs at blue hour and golden hour

Photographing a building from sunrise to sunset will offer a complete report of the building with a range of varied atmospheres.

A half-day report will already guarantee you a good choice of images and can allow you to cover a sunrise or a sunset.

A basic offer for 5 photographs allows small budgets to afford quality photographs.


I design my services according to your needs after an exchange with you by email or telephone. There are 4 elements to take into account :
- the estimated implementation time: from one hour to several days on average depending on the size of the project and the specific requests (sunset, blue hour, drone, etc. .)
- the number of photographs expected
- the use you will make of the photographs
- the production costs depending on the case: transport, accommodation, etc.
To request a quote, click here: contact


Building stakeholders such as architects, builders, suppliers, design offices, project owners, social landlords, magazines, etc.
The luxury sector for the promotion of your various sites (points of sale, production sites, outdoor facilities, etc.).

Drone or plane ?

The use of the drone allows a good speed of implementation on site and already meets many needs, but the use of the plane for aerial photography is interesting in several cases:
- when drone flight is prohibited
- to reach higher altitudes (above 120m)
- to obtain distant viewpoints in town planning and landscape
- in the case of multiple projects to be photographed on the same flight, it can reduce costs compared to the drone with which flight distances are limited.

Art prints


The price of art prints depends on 3 elements:
- the complexity of the shot
- the size of the print and if a frame is delivered with
- the number of copies still available

The limited edition

As an author photographer, the law imposes a number of copies limited to 30 maximum.
This guarantees that you are buying a real work of art within the meaning of article 98 A of appendix III of the general tax code.

The shooting

At first, I carry out an in-depth research consisting in identifying interesting shooting locations, defining the most suitable aircraft for the situation and planning a navigation to reach the shooting location.
Then, depending on the weather, I make one or more flights.

All the art photographs presented on this site were taken by plane, microlight or paraglider, with professional equipment and in compliance with flight rules.

I have a special request, can I contact you?

Of course, it's this way: contact

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