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Professional photographer specializing in architecture and aerial photography.
I am at your service to report through the image of the quality of your projects.

Trained as an architect with 7 years of experience, I have the necessary skills to discuss your projects and obtain the best for your communication.

In order to offer a complete service, I also take photographs by drone and by plane.

Based in Reims, 40min from Paris, I travel all over Europe.

Contact me for a quote or more information.

︎ + 33 (0)6 77 01 25 25
︎ durandcharles@icloud.com
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All images on the charlesdurand.fr website are subject to copyright.
Any reproduction on any medium is prohibited without written permission.
Member of the “Société des auteurs des arts visuels et de l'image fixe”.
©Charles Durand, 2023

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