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Professional photographer specialized in architecture and aerial photography.
Reims, France, and wherever over the world you take me.

I am your privileged interlocutor to cover your needs in outdoor, indoor, on-site photography but also in difficult access conditions and aerial.

Trained as an architect, I combine my various skills at your service by highlighting your work or your workplaces with images with intense lights and rigorous framing.

I also have a solid experience in aerial photography and drone to guarantee you images seen from the sky that meet the challenges of your communication. 

︎ + 33 (0)6 77 01 25 25
︎ durandcharles@icloud.com
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All images on the charlesdurand.fr website are subject to copyright.
Any reproduction on any medium is prohibited without written permission.
Member of the “Société des auteurs des arts visuels et de l'image fixe”.
©Charles Durand, 2023

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